From now you will be able to keep your instrument safer and ensure your own peace of mind.
We have designed an integrated system that can be used to trace the case using GPS technology and an easy-to-read Google maps link. And that's not all! You can even activate a movement sensor to receive a text message whenever the case is moved.

We have spent a lot of time making selection and we have run numerous simulations based on the specific requirements of musicians and violin makers to develop an extremely reliable device that is very easy to use. The tracker communicates with the GPS system through short text messages in order to activate/deactivate functions and check the state of your case remotely from your cell phone.

For further information, please contact us by email. We'll be pleased to explain in more detail how this new device works.

Caution: In the case you are not going to buy our GPS tracker, please be wary of several GPS trackers sold in the web-market. Many of them are fake-original or production waste, even if they look identical to the original ones. This kind of trackers are not reliable at all. Be suspicious of very cheap devices.

Find your case wherever it is, whenever you want

No monthly costs

Released from the case but with the possibility of being hidden in a specific compartment

Easy to use: specifically studied for musician's need

Remote control by smartphone

Tested devices: many tests made to ensure a secure and smart use!

No compulsory additional cost

Remote control with smartphone through easy text messages